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New York Times best-selling authors Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush join forces to craft this spine-tingling thriller in which one woman's birthright holds the key to a rash of brutal murders.

Elizabeth Gaines Ellis is an ordinary suburban wife and mother. That's what she tells herself as she flits between her realtor job, yoga class, and caring for her daughter, Chloe. But for months now, Elizabeth has worried that she's far from normal... that she's somehow the cause of a series of brutal, horrible deaths.

Her mean-spirited boss. A bullying traffic cop. Her cheating husband. Elizabeth had reason to be angry with them all. She didn't mean for them to die. No one will take her fears seriously - except the private investigator prying into her past...

The more scared and angry Elizabeth becomes, the higher the death toll grows. But those who wrong her aren't the only ones in danger. Because others have secrets too, and a relentless urge to kill without mercy or remorse.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Susan Ericksen
hr min
November 25
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Pegglem ,


And predictable.

Narrator read like everyone was Norwegian or something.

LadyBaz3460 ,


This book seems as though it was written by pre-teen girls that don't know how to construct a storyline and have no concept of how real life works. They seem to be trying to overlay the supernatural (the basis of which you can't really follow anyway) with someone's normal life (which is unrealistically written). Normal people do not allow their 5-year-olds to skip their owns father's funeral. Normal people don't go out on dates one week after their husbands die. Normal people call the cops when strangers are banging on their door and ringing the doorbell over and over again demanding to be let in - they don't allow their 5-year-old to jump of bed and let them in and then figure, "Hey, they're in now, might as well offer them a seat and hear what they have to say - but only after my daughter shows them her bedroom and favorite toys!" As far as the supernatural aspect: apparently this book is part of a previous series? Numerous random characters were introduced with no development or apparent purpose other than to confuse the reader. However, much time is spent reviewing what has occurred so far in the current story line; as if we hadn't already read it multiple times. All in all, a waste of time and money.

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