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Four years ago at a film festival, Cici Fine met Cooper Wild, a man who turned her world upside down in the span of one deliciously perfect week. He was everything she'd ever dreamed of: sinfully sexy, intelligent, and incredibly loving. When the festival ended, they returned to their own hometowns with promises of forever. But Cooper disappeared, and Cici was left to raise the daughter he never knew about alone.

Cooper is finally thinking straight after years of being lost in grief from the tragedy that killed his father and left his mother blind. Now he's on a mission to find the woman he left behind - the only woman he's ever loved.

But Cici Fine is no longer a naive young girl. She's a savvy businesswoman with big responsibilities, on the cusp of a life-changing move. When fate brings the two together, they'll put the old adage to the test and find out if love really can conquer all.

Paul Woodson
hr min
August 22
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

lclarke1 ,

good book

Cooper and Cici's book was a great way to end this series and such an enjoyable read despite it being really short. Their story of lost love in tragedy and then reuniting after 4 years and a surprise daughter made for an interesting read since it moved along so well and so quickly. The pair worked through their issues and had amazing chemistry together. I continue to enjoy the imoirtance of family in Ms. Foster's books and the return of the characters from the previous books. I enjoyed the narration by Mr. Woodson. He brought the book to life and made it an enjoyable listening experience.

Bibliobibuli-ish ,

Wild Boy Cooper

Another good quick addition to the Wild Boys After Dark series and the Wild Boys family. Cooper was the most family conscience of all of the brothers. He knew what he wanted and went after it, well, after 4 years anyway. There were not games in this story, just straight romance with the side of heat we've always to enjoy with this series. The narrator was good and kept the story interesting and alive.

Listened to this on audible.

JanisLB ,

Cooper and Cici- Sizzle!!

Cooper, the youngest of the 4 Wild Brothers, and a photographer met Cici (Celeste) and they were hot and heavy from the start. Shortly after meeting Cooper, Coopers life changed dramatically. His father was killed and his mother was blinded by a home invasion. Cooper was an angry angry man. Cici was unaware of what happened to Cooper, she felt used BUT found herself pregnant. Move forward 4 years and they meet once again at a photography event. Cooper had no idea that he had a daughter and Cici was very careful to keep their daughter a "secret" from him. Once they reconnect and Cici heard the truth of what happened after they met the sizzle is back.

I have to say, Melissa Foster's books have NEVER disappointed me. I love each new one more then the the last one. Cooper was one that touched me in a different way then some of her other hot males. I think he was my favorite (though I think I say this after each of her books)

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