Wine Import Business Startup: How to Start, Run, and Grow Your Own Successful Wine Importing Business from Home (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Are you longing to quit your 9 to 5 job and work from home? Do you also enjoy sipping a crisp chardonnay or a smooth, oaky Merlot? What if I told you that you can enjoy this lifestyle while making money, too?

In Wine Import Business Startup, I show you how to start, run, and grow your own home-based wine import business, step by step.

I have always appreciated wines. I guess, you could say, I was in love with wine. I knew what the supposed experts said about food and wine pairings. I knew how to describe the body and the tannins of the wine. When I found myself out of work, laid off from my typical office nine-to-five job, I was inspired by wine. One evening, while sipping a glass of my favorite casual red blend, I started examining the label.

Where did my wine come from? What was its journey to get to me like? Who comprised the components of that voyage? What kind of money did they make doing it? 

I share with you what I learned as I researched where the wine we drink comes from. This curiosity launched my home-based wine import business. I became my own boss! I have been in this business for a few years now, and it’s as lucrative as ever. In my book, I show you how I got started and how I continue to make my business thrive.

I am still just as in love with wine today as I was when I first started - probably even more so now! In this book, I will show you exactly what you need to get started with your own wine company brand. I have done most of the initial legwork for you.

In this audiobook, you will learn:

What are some beginning business basics
What you need to know about the estimated startup costs
How to write a solid business plan
How to obtain an EIN
How to apply for your basic importer permit
When to get a wholesaler application
How to apply to have your wine label approved
When to get an FDA product registration
When to enlist a customs broker
How to secure your broker’s power of attorney
What advice you need for incorporating as a business
When to complete a foreign registration
How to create a website
How to do market research
How to develop good packaging
How to listen to your customers
Why you should attend trade shows
What you need to know about the terms of a wine sale

Don’t worry, listening to this book won’t be like you’re studying for an MBA. In fact, I believe that real life rarely mirrors what you learn in a classroom setting. This book is full of time-tested advice from someone who is actually in the industry. I am encouraged to share my knowledge with you!

We’ll discuss other topics such as:

Alcohol-based companies marketing codes
The importance of social media
Information on how and where to utilize social media in your marketing strategy
Steps to hone your social listening skills
The regulations related to importing wine
The TTB, the FDA, and the USCBP (and why they are important)
Duties and taxes related to your business
Reasons why infrastructure and logistics matter
Steps to private label your wine import business brand
Ways to find good wineries to work with
An understanding of pricing, profit, and cash flow
Ways to expand to other states
Methods to build your unique brand

As an added bonus, I also included a glossary of wine shipping laws for all 50 states plus the district of Columbia.

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John-Michael Jalonen
hr min
April 13
River of Lakes Publishing Press

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