Witch Hunt

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How did a small group of powerful intelligence officials convince tens of millions of Americans that the president is a traitor, without a shred of evidence?

Now that every detail and argument set forth in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Russia Hoax has been borne out by the Mueller report, the author is back with a hard-hitting, well-reasoned evisceration of what may be the dirtiest trick in political history.

What people tend to forget about witch hunts is that they require people in power to believe there really are witches.

No marks have ever been as gullible as distraught Democrats in 2016. Washington insiders broke rule after rule investigating the president, chasing a conspiracy that turned out not to exist. Somehow this was spun into Donald Trump having something to hide. People associated with the president were pushed into plea deals that had nothing to do with Russian “collusion” or discouraged from serving by the threat of huge legal bills. Somehow this was spun into Trump’s lawyers being bullies. The president complained that the investigation was a waste of time, but he allowed it to continue unimpeded to the end. Somehow this was spun into obstruction of justice.

In Witch Hunt¸ Gregg Jarrett uncovers the bureaucratic malfeasance and malicious politicization of our country’s justice system. The law was weaponized for partisan purposes. Even though it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that collected and disseminated a trove of lies about Trump from a former British spy and Russian operatives, Democrats and the media spun this into a claim that Trump was working for the Russians.

Senior officials at the FBI, blinded by their political bias and hatred of Trump, went after the wrong person. At the DOJ, the deputy attorney general discussed secretly recording the president and recruiting members of the cabinet to depose Trump. Those behind the Witch Hunt have either been fired or resigned.  Many of them are now under investigation for abuse of power. But what about the pundits who concocted wild narratives in real time on television, or the newspapers which covered the fact that rumors were being investigated without investigating the facts themselves?

Factual, highly persuasive, and damning, this must-read expose makes clear that not only was there no “collusion,” but there was not even a basis for Mueller’s investigation of the charge that has attacked Trump and his administration for more than two years. It’s always been a Witch Hunt.

Charles Constant
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October 8

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A Must Read

This guy has done his homework.

DRlargeFather ,


I’ve been trying to download this audio book for over 24 hours and I’m stuck at 1%. I’ve tried cellular/WiFi/hotspot. I deleted and reinstalled the books app, I’ve refreshed and restarted my phone a dozen times, done literally everything I can do and still won’t come up passed 1%. Such a waste of my money.

GloonGrover ,

I guess conjecture has replaced evidence in America?

I’m not saying the premise is wrong, but this book is purely narrative. There’s not one piece of evidence.

I could write a book about Ancient Rome. Sure. I could tie up all the loose ends in to one tiny little bow. It might make a great story. But any average American could tell there was no research done.

Phrases like “the liberals thought they were smarter than America” are thinly veiled guises to highjack the readers ingroup bias. Subconsciously pit you against the antagonist.

Again, not saying it’s wrong, but this laziness to no longer demand excellence in investigative storytelling is making us all dumber.

Just another white man ranting....

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