Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn From Them Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn From Them

Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn From Them

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    • $9.99

Publisher Description

Chambliss zigzagged the globe interviewing nearly sixty women peacemakers throughout the world in pursuit of learning how peace is actually made. In this book, Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn from Them, she shares 15 remarkable stories from this band of wildly diverse women change agents, from an Israeli soldier to an Irish nun, a Standing Rock Clan Mother to an ex-princess, a paralyzed Olympic hopeful to a young Zimbabwean orphan who now directs the esteemed Future of Hope Foundation.

Chambliss captures the women's answers to her question, “What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a peacemaker?” She shares over twenty lessons she learned from how the women do their work. The listener is invited to embark on their own act of peacemaking, however small or grand, then write up the story of their undertaking and send it to her website: barbechamblissauthor.com.

Sprinkled throughout the text are poignant quotations about the value of making peace. This book, narrated by the author, is both a deeply entertaining read and a guidebook, crafted by inspiration and calling to everyone on earth who is willing to be counted among the ranks of Conscious Peacemakers. 

Barbe is a fourth-generation Coloradan. She’d rather sleep under the stars than beneath a roof, and revels in being outdoors in all seasons of her beloved Rocky Mountains. She recharges her soul and does her best writing at her yurt, perched 8,000 feet high on the edge of an alpine meadow she shares with a herd of elk, a chorus of coyotes and family of pesky marmots. For fun she sings in a Cowboy Corral and plays in a marimba ensemble. Her goal is to wake up the conscious peacemaker in as many people as possible during her life. 

Barbe Chambliss
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August 15
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