Words of Wisdom for Teens: Books to Help Teen Girls Conquer Negative Thinking, Be Positive, and Live with Confidence

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It should be the best time of your life...

...but for some teens, it's a nightmare.

Is anxiety or stress making you miserable?

In a world of social media, where all you see are other people's best and most shiny moments, it's easy to think your life is a disappointment. Anxiety over grades, friends, gossip, and the everyday pressures can be crushing.

What if you could stop worrying and start enjoying yourself instead?

Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, has written three powerful books to help. With 20 years of experience helping young adults, she'll show you how to stop the fear and self-doubt that's destroying your happiness.

Imagine being able to:
Let go of negative feelings with easeDevelop a positive mindsetStay calm in difficult timesEnhance your self-esteemFocus on what's important to you!
These three books will help you use the power of your mind to do just that and more!
Book 1: 5 Simple Steps to Manage Your Mood: A Guide for Teen Girls to Let Go of Negative Feelings and Create a Happy Relationship with Yourself and OthersBook 2: I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me! A Teen's Guide to Understanding and Controlling Their Thoughts and FeelingsBook 3: Jump-Start Your Confidence and Create Ever Lasting Self-Esteem: A Guide for Teen Girls to Unleash Their Inner Superpowers and Conquer Fear and Self-Doubt
You deserve to feel good about yourself and enjoy a happy life. These books can help.

Winner of three Literacy Classics Gold Medals and the Nautilus Gold Medal Award for Best Young-Adult Non-Fiction Book.

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January 28
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