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We spend over a third of our weekday lives at work. You probably see your coworkers even more than you see your family.

Since you spend so much time at work, don't you think you should be happy at work? It will improve your whole life if your work situation is a good situation.

What do you do if just thinking about work makes you feel upset, anxious, worried, or just puts you in a bad mood?

The key is to take charge of your life at work. But how? By actively managing the relationships you have with your coworkers and bosses.

What This Audiobook Can Do For You

You can become stronger, more productive, and more fulfilled at work. This audiobook teaches you how.

This audiobook is your guide to conquering workplace anxiety. What is workplace anxiety? This audio starts out with an explanation of workplace anxiety, to help you reflect and identify where you are having problems at work. Next, the audiobook will help you get over your workplace anxiety with simple tips and tactics you can use to immediately make your work life better. What do you do about a difficult or toxic boss? Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your boss by teaching your boss how to work for you. What about competitive and combative coworkers? Minimize stress and increase your productivity at work with a few easy ways to improve your relationships with your coworkers, all while maintaining your job security. Last, this audiobook discusses anxiety related to the fear of losing your job. Learn how to position yourself to either save your job or quickly find a new one by empowering yourself and making it clear just how much value you provide.

Learn how to create better relationships at work and be happier at work through the actionable advice and information in this audiobook. The happier and more fulfilled you are at work, the happier and more fulfilled you will be in your life.

Business & Personal Finance
Steve Barnes
hr min
August 6
Relationship Up

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