World's Edge: Nightblade, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Two cycles have passed since Ryuu lost his adopted father, and he dares to hope that he's found peace at last. But nightblades live by the sword, and when a new breed of warrior threatens the Southern Kingdom, Ryuu and Moriko are pulled to opposite edges of the known world to uncover mysteries that have lain dormant for hundreds of cycles.

As the three kingdoms descend into chaos, the two nightblades must decide what they stand for. There's no place to hide, and the secrets they reveal will have the power to change the world forever.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Andrew Tell
hr min
February 24
Waterstone Media LLC

Customer Reviews

MellHay ,

The world is changing, Ryuu and Moriko are caught in the cross hairs.

*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Two cycles have passed and a new threat comes to their attention. Once enemies find allies in each other when facing the same threat. New enemies are found. And forgotten pasts are found in the way of Nightblades and Hunters.

Akira and his generals are surprised when spring arrives and Azarians don't come to fight for the pass as they do every year. A scout returns with word of a whole village of Azarians. They are dead. Not one wounded. And there were four or five attackers that pursue him that can't be human by their actions.

Ryuu and Moriko have lived at Ryuu's hut for several moons, growing closer. They are content to live on like this. Until a strange shadow comes near their home. It resembles a man yet feels primal to Ryuu's sense. Ryuu doesn't know why but they are being hunted. When they are attacked by these shadow men Ryuu worries for the first time he may not be strong enough for what's to come. Ryuu and Moriko go to learn what is after them and why, and how to take care of them.

Andrew gets more of a chance at the beginning to voice numerous characters. There is more dialog and Andrew takes time to voice each character to go with the descriptions written by Ryan. When the story is focused on Ryuu we get narration from Ryuu more than discussions. Andrew feels to fit his voice to personalities of the characters perfectly, for my view. He fits them in the way of curiosity and knowledge, whether having or looking for it. He has slight differences in tones to differentiate the characters for us, which works hand in hand with the personalities he voices.

I am going to try very hard to not spoil the story yet give some information to you and with my feelings. If you read the first book, you'll want to continue on.

Ryuu and Moriko are the strong silent type with the Nightblade training and raising they've had. So there's not much speaking in their sections but lots of thinking and observing. Not long into the story I slipped back into their strong personalities and thoughts, almost like they were speaking to me in their thoughts.

We get four different views in this story. Ryuu, Moriko, Akira, and Tanak. They are all on different sides as we dive into the book. Tanak lord of Western kingdom and Akira lord of Southern Kingdom. Treaties are broken. But there is something else in the world too. Ryuu starts to see it attacking him, Akira sees affects in the Azarian land. Ryuu and Moriko go looking for answers to why they are attacked, and got two different ways to find answers and learn more than they could ever know.

The world grows for us in this book. We get to learn more of the sense as Ryuu learns from elders and focused Nightblades and Dayblades. We also get to learn about the Azarians too.

Both Ryuu and Moriko grow in their Nightblade abilities. Moriko learns quick and on her own in battle with dangerous Hunters determined to kill her. Ryuu learns of new tricks from elder Nightblades and Dayblades, but he leaves before he learns how they do their amazing feats, but knowing what can be done, Ryuu tries to teach himself how to do it. And he's learned a few new ways to fight.

We are not left wanting with the big battles at the end. We see what was learned and the individual growth of strength for both Moriko and Ryuu. They've battled the doubt and what they didn't want the whole book, until they had to face it. And face it they do.

I'm curious to see what choices will be made next. I do look forward to the third book coming out in audio!

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