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How to Write a Novel

Struggling as an author? Do you have an amazing story in mind, but you can’t get it down on paper? You’ve got the idea and the characters but soon run out of steam? Perhaps you are a beginner and need help putting it all together. Whatever your reason, this book helps to unlock the secrets of novel writing in simple-to-follow ways that will bring significant results fast. 

How to Write a Screenplay

Get behind-the-scenes secrets to publishing screenplays. Whether you’ve got a completed script or need help off the starting blocks, getting a screenplay formatted correctly to catch the eye of producers is no easy task. A little, professional advice goes a long way, and How to Write a Screenplay delivers large, for those with big screen aspirations! 


Is your novel losing the plot? Sometimes we can be too close to a story to see clearly. If you find that you begin to change the plot midway, or struggle to think of one at all, this book deals specifically with keeping you on track to create compelling plot outlines your readers will love. 

Story Structure

Learn how to shape your story like a pro. If you have a phenomenal story to tell but find you can’t quite make it flow or form in a natural, yet moving way, Story Structure will transform your approach to writing and make your novel a compelling and addictive read. Crammed full of tricks and tips to help both beginner and advanced authors complete their books in an enticing way. 


This is your "why" for writing, and it will also be their "why" for reading. Are you struggling to take your story to the next level? Would you like to know the best ways to create intrigue and have your readers rave about your book? Plotting is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of developing compelling plots from beginning to end. With tips and tricks taken straight from professional writers, the novelist will learn how to use plotlines for maximum effect, while retaining creative freedom. 

Character Development

Need to breathe life into your characters? You may have a great story but if your characters are flat and uninteresting, your readers will find your story dull. If your lead protagonist isn’t generating empathy then no one cares what happens to them. Character Development covers every aspect of character building; from developing charismatic and believable people to making sure they work holistically to drive the narrative forward in realistic ways.

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn more about writing. So, don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and purchase this six-book bundle. Download to get started today!

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