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Andre Norton enthralled readers for decades with thrilling tales of people challenged to the limits of their endurance in epic battles of good against evil. None are more memorable than her Witch World novels.

Far from the besieged home of Simon and Jaelithe, in peaceful Norsdale, we meet Gillan, who longs to leave her dull life in a secluded country abbey. But when her wish comes true, she finds more than a little adventure. As she ventures out, not only is her life in danger, but also the power that lies within her, waiting to be discovered.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Kate Rudd
hr min
April 15
Brilliance Audio

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Transmaster ,

A Great Witch World Romance Story

This is the well narrated first book in the HIgh Hallack Cycle, and the 3rd book of the Witch World series. The Year of The Unicorn is a fantasy romance story of the mysterious young lady Gilian who is a herbalist in training at the Abbey of Norstean.

It is The Year of The Unicorn and the agreement the Lords of The High Dales have made with the shape shifting Were Riders of Arvon has come due. This pack was these warriors would have to wife 12 and 1 high born maidens between the ages of 18-20 years, they be virgins, free of deformaty and sickness. and comingly to look at. The nobles of the High Dales arrive with these maidens at the Abbey. Giliian seizes her chance to escape from the unending unchanging world of the Abbey. Using her knowledge of Herbs she takes the place of a maiden who is too distrait to continue. Gillian, and the other Maidens are taken to the meeting place where they are left to their fate. Gillian, in a fantasy betrothal scene picks the ensorcelled fur totem of the Were Rider Herrel who tells Gillian there will be trouble because he is considered the least of his band. It is only now that Gillian starts finds out about her mysterious past, and the latent magical powers she never knew she had. Herrel's enchantment of a Gillian is cause for great jealouly from other Were Riders who expected to gain one of the maiden brides. They use their magical power in an attempt to gain Gillians hand. Thanks to this powerful magic Gillian finds herself in a deadly mysterious world where she has a limited amount of time to travel through to get back to Herrel and marrage before all is lost.

This story continues and is concluded in the book "The Jargoon Pard" which if anything is even better then The Year of The Unicorn.

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