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Yoga Flow with Tim Maples contains three different progressive audio yoga classes. The classes have been devised lay a foundation and establish a sound vinyasa yoga practice. VInyasa is the term given to flowing yoga practices, moving in such a way brings a deep sense of connection to the breath and allows you to move with freedom and expression, increasing mobility, strength and providing a cardio work out.

Fundamentals of Flow is a fifty minute flowing vinyasa yoga class with a focus on correct technique and the ujjayi breath. The class had been devised to introduce and then develop a solid foundation in basic vinyasa yoga technique.

Flow Alignment is a sixty-minute flowing vinyasa yoga class with a focus on alignment. When the body is correctly aligned it encourages more effective and safer movement, a greater flow of prana (vital life force) throughout the body and increases the benefits.

Vinyasa Flow by Tim Maples is a seventy-five-minute flowing vinyasa yoga class with a focus on alignment, breath and continuous movement. This class combines everything learnt in the previous two classes and provides a challenging vinyasa class for an experienced practitioner. The sessions have been devised and narrated by Tim Maples, a highly respected and inspiring yoga teacher and leadership coach. Tim was first introduced to the yoga of Indra Devi in 1975. Tim is both a long time practitioner and an experienced teacher, his Vinyasa Flow classes draw on many influences including iyengar, ashtanga and traditional raja yoga precepts. These are based on four principles of self-awareness, breath, alignment and flow.

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