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Unlock your spirituality and develop a stronger mind and body with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra.

Are you interested in learning about the roots and origins of Yoga? Do you want to learn how it can help you create a stronger body, mind and soul? Or do you want to uncover the lessons of the ancients and how Yoga can sharpen your mind and ground your spirituality? Then keep reading.

Inside this insightful book, you’ll explore the foundations of Yoga, along with the 195 Sutras which form a key part of Yogic philosophy. Containing life-changing lessons on achieving mindfulness, attaining a higher state of being, and reaching spiritual liberty, this book unveils the world of yoga to provide you with a path to clarity and peace.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

• The Secret To Achieving Higher States of Consciousness

• Powerful Ways To Maintain a State of Full Concentration (Instead of Constantly Being Distracted)

• Uncovering The Essential Concept of “Bonding”

• Why The Sutras Are The Key To Dominating Your Mind

• The 5 Main Mental Tasks of Everyday Life (and Why These Matter)

• An Exploration of The 195 Sutras and Their Spiritual Wisdom

• Why Every Word In The Yoga Sutra Has an Important Meaning

• And a Breakdown of Yoga Meanings, Practices, Challenges and Approaches

If you’re searching for a way to strengthen your body, improve your psychological wellbeing, and connect with your spiritual self, then this is the book for you. Uncover the secrets of the Yoga Sutra and its thought-provoking philosophy.

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Religion & Spirituality
Tanzeela Bashir
hr min
June 13
Mahatma Pattabhi