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What are your interest levels on yoga sutras? Are you looking to deepen your knowledge of the different types of sutras? Or is your interest in the limbs of yoga?

The human body has experienced several afflictions over the years. The mind has seen a different case by experiencing several fluctuations. They have proved to be a problem for the human population across the globe. The major reason that projects itself as a problem as an obstacle to individual spiritual development. Several people have these kinds of questions as they seek a better way of handling themselves. Therefore, you are not alone in this quest since yoga sutras have solved several of these cases.

The origin of yoga sutras is quite intriguing since it traded several years ago. The presence of several years of existence has the potential to prove how effective the process is. The process has gained momentum over the years. You will be able to realize the relationship between yoga sutra and other forms of yoga. The presence of good knowledge on what yoga sutras history and definition create a good foundation for you to know other concepts surrounding it.

Yoga Sutra is composed of four major facets. These facets play a key role in your life, and they are very important for your well-being. Each of these facets plays a different role in your life. Their advantages are myriad, but they all tend to focus on giving you a good mental state you desire to hand the day to day life situations.

There are important limbs of yoga that are known by several people. They are eight in number are every pose is important to your life. The potential they possess to be able to make you say calm and relaxed. Each of these limbs has a close similarity between them. However, there are certainly distinctively differences among them.

Your knowledge is then taken to deep waters by being taught the relationship between yoga ethics. The journey is not complete if you have not understood the major role yoga contributes to meditations and physical postures. These postures and ways of meditations have a deep relationship that intertwines at different levels.

This book has a simple aim for you. It has a target of making sure that you understand what yoga sutras entail. It goes to a different level to make you discover the best posture you can use to heal and calm both the mind and body. The book also targets you to understand the common yoga practices that are used in meditation. 

You will able to learn about: 

Introduction to yoga sutras of Patanjali
The four sutras
Eight limbs of yoga
Yogic teachings on ethic meditation and physical postures
12 basic postures
The practice of yoga meditation

Madeline Goshorn
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February 21
Yogananda Crystal