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Buddha declared that, "The mind is everything. What you think you become." "You become what you think about all day long" is how Ralph Waldo Emerson expressed it.
In The Strangest Secret, the only personal development recording ever to receive a Gold Record, Earl Nightingale reveals that the secret is "You become what you think about."
Using that principle, you can create an entirely different world than you live in today. Bruce Lee returned to the United States at the age of 18 with $100 in his pocket and the idea he often quoted that "As you think, you become." By the time of his early death a scant 14 years later, he had become a major motion picture icon and the father of mixed martial arts.
Your subconscious mind is responsible for just about every major thing in your life. You don't have to consciously think about breathing, your heart beating, walking, or how to properly digest and metabolize the food you eat.
Without the cooperation of your subconscious -- the deep recesses of your inner self -- change can be difficult to impossible. You might consciously have tried to lose weight. But if your subconscious mind was fixated on fattening food and how difficult exercise was, the experience was probably a challenge or a dismal failure. Therefore, changing one or more aspects of your life can't occur until you affect change on your subconscious.
In You Become What You Think About: How Your Mind Creates The World You Live In, Vic Johnson will take you step-by-step as he shows you how to harness and use the power of directed thought in your life.

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Erik Synnestvedt
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July 1
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grace5858 ,


This book has little to nothing about the power of thoughts. The writer spends most of his time giving advice. Obvious and over simplistic advice like: if you want to lose weight stop eating too much and Exercise more. If you want to stop smoking write a note to the local store asking them not to sell you cigarettes anymore (that’s literally in there) this book is an insult to the intelligence of the reader.

just magic! ,

Not for anyone who doesn't work out at the gym

This is a very shallow book and only gives the same examples over and over...it's for the shallow male who works out at the gym or wants to but is too lazy. Not inspiring or helpful.

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