You Can Do Anything

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Best-selling motivational author and lecturer Wayne Dyer ignites your inspiration to be all you can be. "The danger is not that your hopes are too high and you fail to reach them, but that they are too low and you do."

Bringing advice from sages through the ages, Dyer urges you to enter the world of spirit, "where all of your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new and wonderful world."

Listen to how you can become a greater person than you ever dreamed.

Michael Toms
hr min
January 1
New Dimensions Foundation

Customer Reviews

HiddenShamrock ,

Buy one of his books instead

This is an interview with Wayne Dyer, not a book or other writing of his. Dr. Dyer talks about some experiences he's had and the observations he's gleaned from those experiences. But there's not much direction to the listener as to what we can do to improve our design for living. In the course of the interview, Dr. Dyer offers that his greatest accomplishment in life has been taming his ego, yet his ego resonates pretty strongly as he discusses his experiences seeing Nelson Mandela's cell and Anne Frank's house. To me it came across as if he was almost boasting as to how worldly and compassionate he is, and he's not all that shy about pointing out his virtues in the interview.

The interviewer seems to want to share some of the spotlight, and tries to interject his own stories/opinions, but Wayne doesn't seem all that engaged in those moments. It's sort of funny/uncomfortable in spots where the interviewer tries to inject his own experiences into the program and Wayne sort of brushes him off. Wayne asks him three or four times if he's been to certain places or if he's heard certain stories and it's funny the way the interviewer has to keep admitting, "No, I haven't," as Wayne then proceeds to illuminate him in the lessons of that experience.

I like Wayne Dyer and continue to refer to the Power of Intention on a regular basis. He is an engaging, talented, thoughtful author who has a great deal to offer those with an open mind and the willingness to change their perceptions to improve their quality of life. But this one hour program isn't little more than an introduction as to who Wane Dyer is and what some of his fundamental views are. If really want to learn how "You Can Do Anything," this program is not for you- check out The Power of Intention.

MsLeidiPiggy ,


The download did not work. There should honestly be some way of getting your money back if the software doesn't work. Granted its only .95 cents. It's really just the principle of it all.

Belikewater1 ,

Calmly Arrogant

Wayne has finally begun to believe that it's the Man (him), rather than the Message....Too bad, but his air of "Gaze upon me, The Higher Being" permeates this audio...Yeah, there's another lesson there, blah...blah...blah. Wayne Dyer is off my list of helpful teachers..He's become a travesty.

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