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In You Can Do Hard Things, boss babe and working mom SheriLynn Alcala exposes the common excuses that hold women back from going after their dreams. With honesty, humor, and wisdom, SheriLynn unpacks identity-shaping and life-changing truths that dismantle those lies.

You Can Do Hard Things reveals the specific practical strategies that helped SheriLynn overcome the excuses that held her back from starting her business, releasing her past, and dreaming big. 

With inspiring stories and challenging reflection questions, SheriLynn will help you realize how:

You can identify the self-sabotaging excuses that stop you from chasing your dreams.
You can realize your inherent strength, capabilities, and gifts.
You can create the life you've always wanted and dreamed about.

SheriLynn doesn't shy away from the honest truth that achieving your dreams will be hard work, it will require hustle and passion, and it will necessitate sacrifice. But after all, you can do hard things.

"SheriLynn's story will inspire you to dream bigger than you've allowed yourself to for a long time. If you're looking for a fresh dose of encouragement, look no further." (Lisa Bevere, NYT best-selling author)

SheriLynn Alcala
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August 11
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Customer Reviews

settie78 ,

So Inspiring!

So inspiring to do the things we always dreamed of doing!!!

Jen Wise ,

A must read. Amazing book!

What a truly amazing book. I’ve read many books that were challenging, but this one takes the cake. I could be bias because the author is a friend, but when I say this book is different - I mean it wholeheartedly. If you are a busy person like me, and maybe you’ve stopped dreaming, or maybe your so stuck doing things and have forgotten what’s truly important - THIS book is for YOU. I promise your perspectives will change! I’ve realized that are so many goal that I have that have taken a back burner to my busy life. I do everything for my kids and I have a good life, but this book has challenged me to make my “good” AMAZING. You won’t be disappointed. I could read this over and over and I probably will to ensure I keep the right mindset and focus. Be blessed as you dive in. Enjoy the ride! Enjoy the challenge ❤️

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