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This audio-book is NOT a collection of recycled ideas about body language! It contains specific, proven, and practical psychological techniques that can be applied instantly to any person, in just about any situation.

Dr. Lieberman has demonstrated the ease and accuracy of these techniques on hundreds of television and radio programs. In a special report for FOX News, host Jeff Rosin declared,
"It's simply amazing! I was with him and he was never wrong...not even once. I even learned how to do it and that's saying something."
In fact, Dr. Lieberman has gone "head-to-head" on live television with skilled polygraph examiners and scored just as well-every time.

Lieberman offers proven psychological techniques that deliver on their promise to get inside a person's head....Dr. Lieberman's insights into human nature are breathtaking and practical.
-Focus Magazine

You Can Read Anyone teaches step-by-step exactly how to tell what someone is thinking and feeling in real-life situations. For example, you will learn precisely how to determine whether another poker player will stay in or fold, whether a salesperson is trustworthy or whether or not a first date is going your way or the other way. And when the stakes are high-negotiations, interrogations, questions of abuse, theft, or fraud-learn to detect who is out for you, and who is out to get you (or a loved one) to save yourself time, money, energy, and heartache.

©2007 David J, Lieberman; (P)2007 Gildan Media Corp

David J. Lieberman
hr min
August 8
Gildan Audio

Customer Reviews

celticlune ,


The narrator is no good, but the content is useful. I would suggest buying the hard copy and reading the book.

moofpie ,

Inane if common sense is applied.

For the most part, the concepts in this book are ones that can be figured out through use of common sense. The book will commonly pose a hypothetical situation in which there are two opposing parties, one party is the victim the other is the victimizer. These situations are constructed with the victim being taken advantage of in some form or another which is then sorted through with one of the authors techniques. Unfortunately for the author, these techniques can easily be figured out by a layman if he would just take the time to place himself in the boots of each party in the hypothetical situations and spend a minute thinking about how the guilty or not guilty would act according to the situation. It is readily apparent after having read the book that the author is quite keen on manipulation and I feel manipulated for having bought this junk.

theyhate ,

"...Never Be Fooled..." Kind of Ironic

The author offered nothing insightfull but all common sense. He did a good job of giving many examples but not worth spending your money.

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