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Jim Cymbala knows something a lot of us miss--that a comfortable, secure life won’t produce the satisfaction we long for. How could we feel fulfilled by missing out on the life God has for us?Whether life seems good or not right now, Jim Cymbala believes that God has more for you. In this new book, he’ll help you find out how to access the “more” God intends—more peace, real joy, and a deep sense of purpose. As you open yourself to the “more” of God, you will also discover your unique work assignment—the one thing God is calling you--and no one else--to accomplish for the sake of his work in the world.You Were Made for More draws a compelling picture of people just like you who are finding that “more of God” means more influence, more energy, and ultimately more happiness. It will help you picture what your own “land of milk and honey” might look like—the fuller, richer spiritual place you long to be. Using examples from the Bible, contemporary stories, and experiences from his own life, Jim Cymbala points the way to a richer, deeper life, helping you take hold of everything God wants to give.

Religion & Spirituality
Jim Cymbala
hr min
September 19

Customer Reviews

ChantalM ,

You Were Made For More: The Life You Have,the Life God Wants You To Have

This is the most touching and inspirational audiobook I've ever listened to. The message is that God has a purpose/mission for each and every one of us and how we need to pay close attention to the messages that God sends us about what that is. It makes you stop and think about what talents we have that could be used to help others if we only have faith and allow the Spirit to channel that strength through us. Pastor Cymbala does an excellent job of narrating his book and speaks with such passion and enthusiasm. He also refers to specific Bible Books/chapter/verses throughout the entire book.

caroline881988 ,

Healing Hope and Self Realization

I was gifted with this by a friend from church while starting a new job and a new life in a big city. Listening to it always grounded me back to what i was about as a Christian and motivated me to carry on stronger and more diligently in God's plan for me as he revealed it. I recently sold my car and left the set of discs in the cd player. I hope whoever bought my car will enjoy and be encouraged my them now.