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Office sex...what is it about it that's so damned alluring? Whatever it is, the thought of a young slut going crazy at the office just drives us wild, and best-selling author of hardcore sex erotica Kate Youngblood knows just how to write it hot! In this collection of five office sex stories, you'll find Youngblood's signature young sluts in all sorts of situations from surprise first anal sex to rough g******g sex. These girls get it all, and whether it's a double penetration or they find themselves struggling with forced deepthroat, one thing is certain...you're the winner! 

1. "Sales Team Motivation" (A Slutty Secretary Striptease and G******g erotica story) 

Crista figured the guys could use a little boost, and the truth was that they were so far behind in the sales contest that they couldn't possibly win. So, when she told them she'd give them a sexy show in their hotel room prize if they won, she never expected to have to go through with it. The strip tease is humiliating enough, but the guys want more, much more! They've won, and before long Crista finds herself in the middle of a g******g, complete with rough sex, her first ever anal sex, and double penetration! 

2. "Tube Top Friday" (A Young Sex at Work Erotica Story) 

Lara is excited about her first day of work as a sales assistant at an up and coming company, but this young student has no idea what Casual Friday means. She ends up wearing a very sexy outfit that shows off her perfect little body. She's hoping she looks more sexy than slutty for her first day of work, but all thinking disappears when the very first thing she sees is the company sales superstar jerking off to Internet porn! Before she can even register what's happening, she's in the midst of a scorching rough sex encounter right in the office, and she's about to experience her first ever anal sex! 

3. "The Annual Bonus" (Double Teamed by My Boss and His Brother) 

Lani isn't happy with life at the moment. After supporting her husband with his dream to become a successful artist, he's leaving her for some slutty bimbo. She's only 24 and she's already divorced. She doesn't really want to go into work, but what's she going to do, curl up and die? Lucky for Lani, her boss is ready to take her mind off things, and so is his brother! Before she can even wrap her mind around it, she's right in the middle of a scorching threesome with two men! The double team sex is hot as hell, and Lani gives up her backdoor virginity in a powerful bout of rough sex. That's not it, though, because Lani's first anal sex happens while she's already filled up. It's a red-hot double penetration!

Poetess Connie
hr min
May 29
Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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