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Live boldly and act on your most powerful beliefs with this life-changing guide to faith, positive thinking, and spiritual fulfillment.
Pastor Joel Osteen asks everyone to examine what he or she really believes. Why is this important? Because we will become what we believe. Our beliefs will prove either a barrier or vehicle as we strive to go higher, rise above our obstacles, and to live in health, abundance, and victory.

In YOUR BEST LIFE NOW, Osteen says, "I am what I am today because of what I believed about myself yesterday. And I will be tomorrow what I'm believing about myself right now. God sees us as more than conquerors, able to fulfill our destiny. We need to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator." He says that our self-image should mirror exactly what God says about us, not what we feel or think. And he encourages readers to be people of faith, for if you can see the invisible, God will do the impossible.

Religion & Spirituality
Joel Osteen
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April 1
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Customer Reviews

GodsProperty ,

He's Right On Target

No, Joel's not talking about hell and sin in this book, but that is not all the Lord Jesus taught about either. He is, however, speaking Biblical truth! For those who say he is not, they need to read their Bibles more! The scriptures say "The power of life and death is in the tongue", and Joel is using scripture to teach defeated, uninspired, downtrodden Christians to expect more from our God. He is a great big God and He is able to do abundantly more than you could ever ask or think! It is a great inspirational book!

StaceGioV ,

Joel is a beautiful person

For those who are saying he is Un-Christian, I shudder at the thought of what you actually think Christianity is. For you to come and bash a man who truly cares for the spiritual lives of others, than you are sorely mistaken on what you represent.

I live here in Houston where Joel broadcasts from. His book and his broadcast is true inspiration and IS Bible based. The problem the "black & white" thinkers have is that Joel uses inspiration instead of hell and fury to reach his audience. He doesn't condemn people and make them feel guilty - we all do that enough for ourselves. Instead, he gives us the power to empower ourselves to shake off a weak mentality and to gain strength through God. Joel is a blessing to this world as is his book. Can't wait for his other writings.

Jadfair ,

Christianity Fabricated Solely of Health and Wealth

Joel Osteen's book can provide you a sense of peace about earning more money and feeling good about being self-centered. It cannot, however, provide "Your Best Life Now." You will not find Biblical principles for living. It is a feel-good gospel of health and wealth. Don't be fooled. A safer alternative which IS rooted in the model of Jesus Christ and the Bible is any book by Phillip Yancey.

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