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Discover the secrets to reclaim your stature as a parental authority and regain your child’s cooperation and respect.

Does your child throw interminable temper-tantrums that just won't subside whatever trick of the book you may try?

You may have tried calming them down by reasoning with them, giving them affection, or simply ignoring them, hoping that the outburst would end on its own.

Are you tired of their stubborn persistence and their constant defiance of your authority?

They just love those power struggles and indulge in finding loopholes and exceptions in every single situation where they don't feel satisfied or when they don't get exactly what they want.

Does he or she constantly ignore warnings they don't want to hear, making use of their exceptionally developed selective hearing skills?

Your desperate attempts at vocalizing a "Watch out", "Be careful", "Don't jump on the couch" are simply ignored if they're not interested in what you have to say and will tune out of anything they think doesn't suit their desires.

If you're all too familiar with these questions and scenarios, know that you're dealing with a strong-willed child. Awareness of the fact is a major first step. From there on, things can finally start changing for the better. Rest assured, however, you're surely not the only parent with a spirited child out there.

In fact, you may be surprised to know that 85 percent of modern families include at least one strong-willed child, so while your situation may seem overwhelming at times, it’s not the least unusual.

And much like many parents out there, armed with the right tools and in-depth guidance on how to positively discipline your child, you will soon start seeing steady positive changes in your child's behavior...and finally gain some much-needed peace of mind.

In Your Strong-Willed Child, you’ll discover:

How to discipline your child from a place of love and avoid any long-term damage or conflict to your relationship
An in-depth profile of your strong-willed child, along with thorough guidance on how to deal with their most difficult behaviors 
What a positive figure of authority is, and how to position yourself as one in your child's life to avoid any power imbalances 
The five crucial kinds of rules your home must have if your want to raise your child to become a successful adult
How to transform correctional responses into instructional responses and build a relationship based on respect between you and your child
How to get your child to cooperate without having to reply on harsh punishment and punitive discipline 
The vital building blocks of positive discipline and what sets it apart from traditional and outdated disciplinary methods
And much more...

It may be exhausting, and you may be angry (and angry for being angry) because each day is an ordeal, but with a little patience and the right strategies, there's no reason why your child won't change their exhausting behavior.

Taking the right amount of care and exhibiting the right kind of sensitivity will transform all the currently challenging traits into positive attributes.

And remember, this is just a phase! With patience and perseverance, you will soon watch your strong-willed child develop admirable life skills, becoming the adult who, by spending years defying you, isn’t afraid to stand up to the things they believe in.

If you want to finally discover bulletproof ways to discipline your strong-willed child without breaking their spirit, then scroll up and click the “buy now" button right now.

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January 5
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