You're Not Alone (Unabridged) You're Not Alone (Unabridged)

You're Not Alone (Unabridged‪)‬

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Trinity Morris, cofounder of You're Not Alone, has a domestic violence past that still haunts her 10 years later. She is devoted to helping victims find freedom and to sharing information on how to help them through their emotional and violent trials.

While Trinity is presenting at a seminar, she comes across Gavin, a police officer who knows her past all too well. It's been 10 years since he last saw her, but the moment Gavin's eyes land on her, he's intent on getting to know the woman who has haunted his dreams all these years.

Can Gavin break through the wall that Trinity has built around herself, or will the present and the past collide and take her away from him again?

Maria Marquis
hr min
April 3
Nitewolf Novels

Customer Reviews

Bette H ,

Wonderful Story & Narration🎧 Powerful & Moving!

You’re Not Alone
By: Stacy Eaton
Narrated by: Maria Marquis

Wow, this is one beautifully written story, it is a powerful and moving that captured both my heart and my attention like no other. You could feel how much heart Stacy Eaton put into this story, possibly sweat and tears too. This book is a novel but the story and characters are realistic and easy to relate to. I adored the lead characters, Trinity Morris, a former domestic violence victim, as a survivor of an abusive relationship she turned her bad experience into something good, helping other victims, getting them away from their abusers, providing them protection and a safe environment to live. They give them the support they need to get justice and help them get their life back too. She also teaches seminars to different agencies trying to explain what it is like for the victims. When she recognizes one of the attendees it takes her back to the time she was trying to forget, the time she was a victim herself. Gavin was a rookie cop when Trinity caught his eye, she was married to one of the bosses in his department but there was something about him he did not like. Gavin was familiar with domestic violence and his feelings were right, it was he would saved Trinity from a near death experience. He never stopped thinking about her and when he moved away to be closer to his sister he was surprised to see her. He thought he would never see her again. I adored Trinity, her dedication to her cause and how she looked out for others, her fierceness and tenacity to be strong and brave for them, to help them. Yet she still battled her own inner demons, the scars that were left behind. I also adored Gavin, his patience, understanding and empathetic heart was amazing, he was so good to and for Trinity. Thankfully he was quick witted and new that Derek was the biggest a-hole ever, so glad he caught what he did when he went to make copies. This wonderful story is cleverly plotted and there is never a dull moment, there is plenty of drama, some angst, some thrilling and suspenseful moments, heartfelt and emotional moments and a sweet romance. Stacy Eaton, thank you for this amazing story, I loved the ending.

Maria Marquis is a fantastic narrator and voice artist. She brings the characters to life, giving each their own distinct voice and personality. She did a great job portraying the characters and covering both the male and female roles, which made it easy to follow along and knowing who is who. You could hear how much heart she puts into her work as she captures the characters emotions and projects them into her performance. She is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this awesome listen🎧

KimberlyDawn55 ,

Intense and Emotional...Loved it!

This was an intense and emotional story. It keeps you captivated yet the subject is difficult. I enjoyed listening to this narrator as the story weaved from past to present in order for the reader to get the full understanding of what happened and how it still affects a person years later. I definitely recommend this book.