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Disc golf is more than a game, Patrick D. McCormick carefully argues; it can be a window that shows us how we interact with the world. The way we play is the way we live.

This book is about the sport of disc golf, but it also is about so much more than throwing a disc at a basket. For the passionate practitioner, disc golf becomes a meditation, and practicing has the potential to make us not only better players but better people. We begin to focus on what we are doing on the course that is working or not working versus what we are doing at home or in the office.

Zen and the Art of Disc Golf is about becoming the best players we can be and in turn becoming the best possible version of ourselves through cultivation of attitude, focus, determination, and mental strength. It is about mastering the mind, body, and spirit in such a way that we score better and live better.

Inside this book you will learn:
What disc golf can teach us about life and success.
The secret formula for success on and off the course.
How to create the proper attitude.

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Matt Hays
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June 5
Zen Disc Golf

Customer Reviews

CalebVz ,

Great Listen!

Enjoyed this audiobook! It’s nice having a quality perspective on disc golf while driving to work. Look forward to the next one!

pantarch ,

Best Thing for My Game

I love this podcast. I was just leaving on a long trip abroad where I would be away from my discs (and not near a course!) I was looking for some way to work and my game and this podcast is it. It has made me rethink my approach to the game. It’s philosophical, but also practical — a great mix of mental preparation and real-world application.

A Great Must-Listen.

ShortyToThrow ,

You have nothing to loose but your high score!

You have nothing to loose by purchasing this audiobook but your high score! You will learn to rethink your actions and thoughts to achieve positive results. Instead of dwelling in the land of negative thoughts and low confidence, Patrick McCormick inspires you to look inside and believe you will achieve the best results. Those positive thoughts on the inside translate into more confident and successful actions on the disc golf course and in life. Instead of time in the car listening to the radio station play the same songs over and over again, you can improve your state of mind!

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