Orca Think

Elizabeth MacLeod and Others
Series • 14 Books • Social Issues in Kids Fiction
Finding Home Finding Home
Book 1
Jen Sookfong Lee
Shelter Shelter
Book 2
Lois Peterson
What Animals Want What Animals Want
Book 3
Jacqueline Pearce
Fresh Air, Clean Water Fresh Air, Clean Water
Book 4
Megan Clendenan
Better Connected Better Connected
Book 5
Tanya Lloyd Kyi & Julia Kyi
Why Humans Work Why Humans Work
Book 6
Monique Polak
Superpower? Superpower?
Book 7
Elaine Kachala
Get Out and Vote! Get Out and Vote!
Book 8
Elizabeth MacLeod
Good Food, Bad Waste Good Food, Bad Waste
Book 9
Erin Silver
Breaking News Breaking News
Book 10
Raina Delisle