The Anthropology of Christianity

Birgit Meyer and Others
Series • 14 Books • Christianity
Christian Moderns Christian Moderns
Webb Keane
City of God City of God
Kevin Lewis O'Neill
Death in a Church of Life Death in a Church of Life
Frederick Klaits
Studying Global Pentecostalism Studying Global Pentecostalism
Allan Anderson, Michael Bergunder, Andre F. Droogers & Cornelis van der Laan
Moral Ambition Moral Ambition
Omri Elisha
Spirits of Protestantism Spirits of Protestantism
Pamela E. Klassen
The Saint in the Banyan Tree The Saint in the Banyan Tree
David Mosse
Critical Christianity Critical Christianity
Courtney Handman
Sensational Movies Sensational Movies
Birgit Meyer
Praying and Preying Praying and Preying
Aparecida Vilaça