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This is the story of what happens when the life you might have lived and the things you could have done come knocking at your door one last time. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take the controls of your own airplane and travel the world on your schedule? What would you see, who would you meet, how would you change, could you really do it? Come along with a Silicon Valley escapee as he accepts the challenege of flight and does so with an inexpenisve used aircraft purchased for less than the cost of a cheap car. Let your imagination take you along as he makes his first long cross country flight in this small, frail airplane. Meet the people he meets and live the experience through the eyes of someone just like you, a person who decided to grab the brass ring of opportuntity today and to travel on his own terms. This is the story of a everyone's childhood passion finally come to life. You will be inspired to make it your journey as well.

December 26
John Purner
Smashwords, Inc.

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100DHB ,

02 Golf - A Pilot’s Journey

Much to my delight, John Purner has released a new book titled "02 Golf - The Long Cross Country". In contrast with his most recent best-selling books, it is not about sharing with avid readers the secrets he has discovered which can bring average Sunday Golfers closer to the professional level that John has reached in Golf in an incredibly short time. If improving your Golf is important to you, you must read his previous Golf books. But 02 Golf is the story of
Purner's life-long obsession with flying, and, as with all of John Purner's writings, he befriends his readers in a way very few writers can. John sits us down
next to him and takes us along on a journey of exploration which engages the reader immediately and does not let go until 02 Golf has made its last landing and we must reluctantly deplane. John, as a child, grew up awestruck by his Aviator father's exploits piloting a B-24 in WW2 making bombing
runs in support of resupplying our Chinese Allies. That fascination with Aviation remained with John throughout his life, occasionally breaking through
during his student days, but suppressed as many of us have done. It was only after retiring from an enormously successful career in Computers in November of 1989 that he returned to the activity he loved most of all - Flying!
And for most pilots, here is where John's most interesting days begin. He put his enormous talents in both writing and computer technology into the world's first reference book and later, first website, describing where pilots can fly for fun and the "100 Dollar Hamburger" a description that every pilot knows, was born [...] That pilots can fly for recreation and just "plane" fun, although not a new concept, was totally unorganized. The 100 Dollar Hamburger became an instant success, and for John, just getting back into Flying, provided an endless array of challenges and new adventures.
And it is here that John takes our hand and welcomes us into the cockpit with him. He is both Everyman and Superman. Anyone who has shared his passion for flying but with far less descriptive abilities, (which is all of us) will identify with the majesty and the grandeur, the worries and fright of the unknown that lies on the other side of the windshield during each of John's flights. We will all identify and recall our own thoughts which mirror his, and each journey is a delight for the reader. John's uncanny ability to recall all the tiny details of each new destination and each new person whom he meets

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