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"Dr. Phelan's strategies have seen a resurgence in the parenting world. Maybe that's why you feel like everywhere you go, you keep overhearing other moms say to their misbehaving children, 'That's one. That's two. That's three.' And then you watch in disbelief as their kid actually stops!" — PopSugar Moms

Are you the parent of a strong-willed child? Is bedtime a nightly battle? Are you looking to discipline without stress?

Since kids don't come with a manual, 1-2-3 Magic is the next best thing. Dr. Thomas Phelan has developed a quick, simple and scientifically proven way to parent that actually works!

Using his signature 1-2-3 counting method, Dr. Phelan helps parents to curb obnoxious behaviors like tantrums and meltdowns, whining and pouting, talking back, sibling rivalry and more in toddlers, preschoolers and middle schoolers. 

He guides parents through drama-free discipline methods that include handling time outs in public, the appropriate length of a time out, and what to do if your child resists the time out.

Dr. Phelan also covers how to establish positive routines around bedtime, dinnertime, homework and getting up and out in the morning, and tips for strengthening your relationship with your kids.

For decades, millions of parents from all over the world have used the award-winning 1-2-3 Magic technique to raise happier families and put the fun back into parenting. 

1-2-3 Magic is one of Healthline's Best Parenting Books of 2017, a 2016 Mom's Choice Award Winner, a 2016 National Parenting Product Award Winner and a 2016 Family Choice Award Winner.

February 2
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Marty McGuy ,

Heartless and doesn't follow modern evidence-based practices

The primary focus of this book is on keeping control through threats. Who wants their kids to live in a world where they're constantly being threatened at every turn by the people who love them?

Modern research has proven that punishment-focused discipline models are less effective than those that focus on either positive reinforcement or problem-solving. In short, punishment and threats are fraught with side effects, and constantly focusing your kids on what NOT to do is far less effective than focusing on what TO DO.

Find a modern, evidence-based discipline model (for example, look at Alan Kazdin's or Ross Greene's work, depending on your preference) and throw this book in the garbage.

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