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* The Deoksugung Palace is the smallest palace among the five palaces of Joseon Dynasty. Yet, it is a place that remembers the most turbulent history of Joseon. In modern times of Joseon when the greed of Japan and the veiled enmity among foreign embassies reached a boiling point, Emperor Gojong endured the sorrow of losing his wife and his poisoning attempted by the Japanese officials, and had to silently bear the humiliation of having to take refuge at the Russian legation. The book unfolds the behind stories of the beautiful stone wall at the Deoksugung Palace where the Joseon Dynasty ended and the history of the Korean Empire began.

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* Table of Contents
* Deoksugung Talk : Touring Seoul with a foreign friend
* Deoksugung Guide
* Deoksugung Map
* Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony : Patrolling Seoul
* Gyeongungung vs. Deoksugung
* Daehanmun : Front gate of the Deoksugung Palace
* The secret behind palace gates
* Junghwamun/Junghwajeon
* The secret of twin dragons
* The secret behind palace main halls and ceiling patterns
* The last Emperor Gojong
* Jeong/deumu : Fire extinguisher in Joseon Dynasty
* Gwangmyeongmun : Rocket weapon in Joseon Dynasty
* Seokjojeon : The best art museum of South Korea
* Jeukjodang/Junmyeongdang/Seokeodang : Princess Deokhye's Kindergarten
* Hannyeongjeon/Jeonggwanheon : The first cafe of South Korea
* The poisoning of Gojong
* Deoksugung outside Deoksugung
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