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New, updated edition 2018. Lyn Kelley, Ph.D., Certified Relationship Coach wrote this book for women who want to be in committed, satisfying relationships; however, the principles apply to ALL relationships. The most important decision a woman will ever make in her lifetime is choosing a life mate. And if she’s already chosen one, the next most important decision a woman can make is use my strategies to get him to want her! Tried, true and tested over time. Here's what you'll discover:
How This Little Book Will Make a Huge Difference in Your Life
All These Secrets Were Hard-Won and Earned
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
How to Keep Him Interested
Keep One Hand in Your Pocket, the Other Hailing a Taxi Cab
How to Make Him Beg for More Time with You
How to Get Respect
How to Make Him Treat You Like a Queen
When a Man Tells You Who He Is – Listen!
How to Know His Intentions
Lose Your Baggage
Masculine vs Feminine Energy
Why You Must Create an Unshakeable Emotional Attachment in Him
Behavior Modification 101
Men Are Like Fish (so easy to catch!)
The Type of Dates that Get Men Emotionally Hooked On You
Why You Must Create Tension (and sometimes disruption!)
How a Man Falls in Love
What to Give Him After a Dose of Pleasure
How to Create “Stickability”
How to Show Up to Keep Him On His Toes
Creating Your Treasure Map to Lasting Love

May 18
Lyn Kelley
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Customer Reviews

kanethomas ,


I wish they had a book where it can give you advice on how to get a women to fall in love with a man

NotReallyMe3 ,

What a Wake Up Call!

Well, I'm so glad I read this book after nearly making all the mistakes with a guy I like! lol I guess I'll just have to mark that one up as a loss! This is a very informative book, that makes extremely clear what to do to get a man to fall in love with you, but in that process it will definitely point out what you've been doing wrong all this time! Which you can view as "good" or "bad" but I happen to think it's Great, because how can we change things we are doing "wrong" in our relationships if we aren't made aware of those mistakes we're making? I can't change what I don't know I'm doing! Great is the wisdom, that points out things that can cause you trouble or heartache and then tells you how to change those things into positives to avoid the negatives and have much better, happier, more enjoyable relationships with the men in our lives!

Task of life ,

Great book

Great book

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