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This book is written as a frank, straight-shooting 'lean manifesto' direct to the people who need it most: Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level without it taking over their life.
10% Wins is about focusing only on what truly matters in your business, and making small, easily achievable improvements that will compound into the profits you need to survive and thrive.
10% Wins is a deceptively simple approach, but there is power in the simplicity. So much so that business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe - in every kind of industry - are adopting it as a framework to guide their growth and claim back their lives.
10% Wins is two-thirds Lean Startup sequel and one-third growth hacker roadmap

From the Author
"Who knew running your own business could seem like a never-ending uphill battle? As much as you try to push your business forward, it feels like your business pushes back, staying firmly stuck wherever it is.
This is not an uncommon scenario. It's one that business owners face everywhere, every day. If you have struggled with this, you are not alone. In fact, in my experience, you're not even unusual.
Be it in my own businesses, in my role as an advisor to companies across the globe, or in my recent appointment as Professor of Practice at Deakin University, I've seen a lot of business owners who have successfully survived the start-up phase, yet are now lost in the wilderness of that 'daily grind' of business.
Being a business owner myself, and having faced these struggles first-hand, I want to share the same system I use to keep all my businesses on track and my profits growing.
Trust me, I've been through the pain so you don't have to.
I believe that small businesses are the heart of any economy. To support them, I want to share what I've learned, and help as many businesses flourish as I can. To do this, I want to teach you the simple frameworks and principles I've discovered over the years that work for big businesses and small alike.
Long before people were talking about 'lean startups' and 'growth hacking' (two concepts I love), my team and I were using the principles I've collected inside of 10% Wins to guide the decisions that made our businesses successful."

It's Time To Do Something Different
In 10% Wins you'll discover a different way to look at your business, see why you struggle in your business and why working harder isn't always the answer.

The 7 Levers of Business(TM) - A Framework That's Simple to Implement... Yet Leads to Massive Growth
Big call? Maybe.
But by the end of this manifesto you'll see for yourself: there isn't any real secret, just a simple process and universal principle that can create astonishing growth in any business.
That's because the framework is based on a concept that's nearly universal.

A System For Success
10% Wins gives you a proven process for profits - an actionable and achievable framework you can follow right away. 
What's better, you aren't limited to doing this just once in your business. You can apply what you learn here as many times as you want, until you have achieved the profits you desire.
- Ease up on your constant quest for more traffic
- Forget trying to triple your conversion rate
- Stop pressuring your customers to buy twice as much
- Don't worry about slashing costs (or competing on price)
Instead, this book will show you exactly where to focus on the 10% Wins in your business, because it's all about making small wins across the board which add up to massive gains.

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April 30
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