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This 2nd volume contains the following 50 works, arranged by authors' last names:

Pride and Prejudice [Jane Austen]

Beauty And The Beast [Barbot de Villeneuve, Gabrielle-Suzanne]

The Law [Frédéric Bastiat]

Cabin Fever [B. M. Bower]

Jane Eyre [Charlotte Brontë]

The Way of All Flesh [Samuel Butler]

Discourse on the Method [Descartes]

Sister Carrie [Theodore Dreiser]

The Three Musketeers [Alexandre Dumas]

A Simple Soul [Flaubert]

The Good Soldier [Ford Madox Ford]

North and South [Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell]

The Enormous Room [Horace Leonard Gold]

Mother [Maxim Gorky]

King Solomon's Mines [Henry Rider Haggard]

Tess of the d'Urbervilles [Thomas Hardy]

The Scarlet Letter [Nathaniel Hawthorne]

Three Men in a Boat [Jerome Klapka Jerome]

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [James Joyce]

The Water-Babies [Charles Kingsley]

Kim [Rudyard Kipling]

Sons and Lovers [D,H Lawrence]

The Confessions of Arsène Lupin [Maurice Leblanc]

The Phantom of the Opera [Gaston Leroux]

The Call of the Wild [Jack London]

At the Mountains of Madness [H.P Lovecraft]

Of Human Bondage [W. Somerset Maugham]

Moby-Dick [Herman Melville]

The Fall of the House of Usher [Edgar Allan Poe]

Swann's Way [Proust]

The Mysteries of Udolpho [Ann Radcliffe]

Frankenstein [Mary Shelley]

Quo Vadis [Henryk Sienkiewicz]

The Jungle [Upton Sinclair]

The Charterhouse of Parma [Stendhal]

Dracula [Bram Stoker]

Uncle Tom's Cabin [Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe]

The Elements of Style [William Strunk Jr.]

Gulliver's Travels [Jonathan Swift]

Anna Karenina [Leo Tolstoy]

The Way We Live Now [Anthony Trollope]

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [Mark Twain]

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Mysterious Island [Jules Verne]

Candide [Voltaire]

Ben-Hur: [Lewis Wallace]

The Time Machine [H. G. Wells]

The Age of Innocence [Edith Wharton]

Tess of the Storm Country [Grace Miller White]

The Picture of Dorian Gray [Oscar Wilde]

In the 1st volume of "100 Books You Must Read Before You

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February 19
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