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Do you have the knack for attracting the wrong guy?

Have you ever felt like you've been sucked into a tornado and then spit out into the rubble at the end of a relationship?

Do you have trouble trusting your gut instinct?

Do you wish you had a secret weapon for spotting cheaters?

100 Red Flags is a collection of behaviour that could indicate there's a need to take a closer look at what is really going on in the relationship.

Don't be too quick to forgive someone's "slip-ups."

Learn how to be strong with recognizing that a lot of the flags listed in this manual seem simple.

A few here and there may be nothing to worry about, stuff happens in life.

A few adding up and more adding on as time goes on may mean a good hard look at what is really going on.

Be true to yourself. Grow a backbone. Don't let any man or woman use you for sex, money, business, real estate, children, or anyting else any more.

Realize that there are some people you can't change, you can't fix, you can't save, you can't help.

They will put on a good show at first and it's very hard to see through their facade. But if you give it time, and pay attention, you will know soon enough whether your perfect soul mate really has YOUR best interests in mind?

Think about what you want in life and how you're going to get it.

Consider that being in love is addictive and should feel good.

When a romance starts to get rocky, check for red flags. If you suspect deception, get out. Your partner will never change. If he or she can, it will take years of therapy and rebuilding YOUR trust.

Once trust is gone from a relationship, it can be difficult to rebuild.

Some people don't want to rebuild.

Recognize that this isn't the relationship you need to have the proactive life you deserve and move on to the next one.

Life is short to engage in unhealthy relationships.

We all have lessons to learn and people to meet.

Have fun but be careful out there!

Red Flags are collected from years of listening to relationship histories from clients and friends.

August 10
Scarlett Publishing
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