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Joyce Meyer is one busy lady. Apart from the normal demands of life, she teaches daily on TV and radio, writes books, holds conferences in dozens of cities every year and ministers around the world...and she runs . So she's had to learn how to make the most of every minute of the day! In 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life, Joyce shares the most effective secrets she's learned over the years for making the most of each minute of the day. In less than two pages per entry, Joyce gives us eminently 'doable' tips that are clearcut and ...well, SIMPLE. But they can change your whole outlook, not to mention your schedule.

Religion & Spirituality
November 12
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Datflybody ,

Joyce is an inspiration

If you were unaware of whom she was and what she has done to advance the reception of the Word, why would you buy this book without researching the author? You spend $3 on a book that does nothing but show you how to be positive, and all you get is the ignorant individuals spewing negative comments out there who buy a book simply because of the price. How ironic! Regardless of this fact, if you know Joyce and have a great appreciation of her work, you will love this book!

Chryslus ,

I'm always amazed yet never surprised...

... That people can be so prejudicial about someone writing a book about simplifying life based on the Bible yet never bothered to read said book to see if it had any merit or if it even worked in their lives. If this book was based on Buddha or the Egyptian book of the Dead or the Qu'ran, this wouldn't even be a discussion of desperation. For the record, this woman has proven that these steps work because she does them. People who worship a head of lettuce named Ralph who listen to and read any doctrine that will scratch their itchy ears with any nonsense are DESPERATE. The Bible has been in print for hundreds of years and is the number one selling book of all time for a reason. So if someone reads the Bible because they're desperate, you'll get no judgement from me. If a woman who preaches and teaches the Bible uses it to make her life better and wants to share it and uses the profits to upkeep the ministry and gives it to other organizations to further what she's preaching, what's the big deal? Everyone does that in some shape or form anyway. So read the book and comment, but don't NOT read the book and comment. Just stay silent.

AsanaYogini ,


This is just simply simple to follow the principles within the pages of this book. Absolutely anyone can relate and apply . I find it extraordinary simple. Joyce captures the essence of easy and good life we can all live out. Nothing complicated here. Kudos Joyce

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