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101 Diet Recipes (Healthy Vegetarian Recipes For Permanent Weight Loss)

by Nita Mehta

Diet Recipes are specially created keeping the calories as well as the nutritional aspect of each recipe in mind. For weight loss, a 1200-1400 Calorie Diet is an ideal choice. It is a good idea to divide the intake of food into 5 meals than to have 3 big meals. So, munching on a mid-morning snack like a fruit (apple/pear/guava etc.) makes a lot of sense. It keeps hunger pangs away, thus helping you to have a controlled portion of food at lunch time. In the same way, eating a snack in the evening like a home-made paneer sandwich or a piece of dhokla or sprout chaat or roasted channas, is also very beneficial for weight loss. The main 3 meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner should be well balanced with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Out of the total calories, 45% of the calories should be from carbohydrates, 35% from proteins and 20% from fats. The breakfast should be of about 300-350 calories and this can comfortably include 2 light sandwiches or a small serving of upma or seviyaan (any one) with a glass of milk or lassi. The lunch can be of 2 chappatis, a small serving of yogurt and a good amount of vegetable. This would come upto 400 calories. Dinner can be lighter. Have an early dinner and avoid too much carbohydrates at this meal. If you like, eat two rotis for lunch but make it one for dinner. One chappati with a small katori of thin dal, a light salad and a vegetable would make upto 400 calories. Eating these foods will help you keep fit and slim with a glowing skin and healthy hair. I truly believe, “You are what you eat”.

About the Author :-

Nita Mehta  is a home science graduate from Lady Irwin College, Delhi University and a Gold Medalist in M.Sc. (Food & Nutrition). She has authored more than 300 books on various topics including more than 250 best selling cookery books. Her book  "Flavours of INDIAN COOKING" won the Best Asian Cookbook Award at the Versailles (Paris)  World Cookbook  Fair. Three of her other books have also won international awards

Zero Oil Cookbook, awarded as Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook
Chocolate Cookbook, awarded as Best Chocolate Cookbook
Cooking for Growing Children, awarded as Best Cookbook for Children & Familys

In a span of a few years, over 3.5 million Nita Mehta cookbooks have been sold. The secret of her success is her thorough & meticulous approach towards her books.

Nita Mehta has done cooking programmes for various TV channels and has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries.

She also has several cooking institutes under the name of "Nita Mehta Culinary Academy" in New Delhi (India), where she has trained several thousand aspiring individuals into expert cooks. In addition, she creates recipes for food-related companies around the world.

Nita Mehta, the celebrity cookbook author, has another ace up her sleeve. She has published unique children books under her company - Nita Mehta Publications. Nita Mehta Publication is specialized publishing house producing exquisite children books. Learning is never easy for children. But now you can make learning fun by using these simply written and beautifully illustrated children books by Nita Mehta Publications. These books not only entertain children but also inculcate wisdom and good values in them to help them face day to day challenges of life.

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April 5
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Customer Reviews

Ar1310 ,

Wastage of money

In this book not a single recipe of daliya. Daliya which is in high fiber and good for diet. All recipes are tempting but not for dieting.

In 80% of recipe writer used potato, paneer, cornstarch, cornflour which help to Gain weight not to loss weight.

The title of book must be change from diet recipe to heavy recipe

I would recommend people don't waste your money

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