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From the heart of a young African American man lays a blue print for prosperity, maintaining self respect and dispelling myths about manhood. In his debut non-fiction tome about what it means to really be young, gifted and black in America, 31-year-old Marvin Woodard attempts to set the record straight for all Black men fighting for self respect and a better tomorrow.

"101 Things A Black Man Should Know" explores 101 general truths and common sense maxims about being black and male in America. Woodard takes us from the necessity of reading to being aware of health concerns and managing credit to understanding how stress will kill you and the residual effects of slavery. "101 Things A Black Man Should Know" is a quick read pocket guide that puts the responsibility of success squarely on the shoulders of the reader.

“I was so distraught about what’s going on in our neighborhoods. My heart’s desire is to see Black men reach their full potential and erase the negative lifestyles and perceptions we have about ourselves. I felt it was my responsibility to share the knowledge many successful people have shared with me. I’m convinced that the key to success and happiness is using common sense and educating ourselves every chance we get.”

"101 Things A Black Man Should Know" is a common sense approach to a complex and sometimes confusing journey into manhood. “The principals are simple and force young African American men to think about just how valuable we all are and how important we are to the future of this country and our families," says Woodard.

February 28
Marvin D. Woodard
Marvin Woodard

Customer Reviews

Jeff9875 ,

Great Read!!

Very informative read! This short read is a perfect guide for any Blackman looking for an uplifting read, on his path in life. Men and women can gain insights on this book.

SouthBeach_Joe ,


Great read and I’m more so a advid magazine reader but I really enjoyed the knowledge shared and it was refreshing.