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101 Ways to Profit in the Natural Hair Care Business is the brainchild of Alva Clemons. Alva's own professional aspirations and business experiences serve as the catalyst for the formulas and advice presented in this text. Alva's craftiness utilized in this book, shares valuable lessons learned from the multi entrepreneurial businesses she has attempted, created and developed over the past fifteen years.           

101 Ways to Profit in the Natural Hair Care Business is a step by step tool designed to provoke critical thinking. The book challenges its reader to conduct a broad assessment of the reader's own abilities and talents. The book encourages its reader to formally correlate individual abilities and talents identified to proposed sectors of the natural hair industry and viable needs specific to those sectors. Once correlations are formed, the book's interactive design presents the reader with income generating possibilities within the context of participation in the industry.  The brilliance of this book may be found not simply in its conducting the correlation between abilities, talents and industry application, but instead the unequivocal discovery of  personal resources that are both in demand as well as profitable.  101 Ways to Profit in the Natural Hair Care Business enjoys the additional distinction of not being just another self-help text, but a riveting read that provokes the kind of introspect that serves, empowers and motivates the reader to an achievable end.  The text not only identifies real opportunities within the natural hair industry but also fuels, through informed suggestions, specific business initiatives that would be conducive to already established business practices.  101 Ways to Profit in the Natural Hair Care Business is an exceptional resource with applicability regardless of the size or scope of each reader's entrepreneurial dream.

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June 10
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shelly85 ,


Very disappointed. There were no real helpful tips at all. Waste of my money. I wish I could get my money back.