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The #1 question people planning a Disney vacation ask is about how to save money at Walt Disney World. Taking the family to Walt Disney World is something so many families dream about, plan for, and SAVE toward. We have news for you: A Disney vacation doesn’t have to take years of saving and budgeting!  


In this comprehensive, detailed guide, host, speaker, Disney historian and expert Lou Mongello will detail for you 102 ways you can have the most magical Walt Disney World vacation without breaking the bank!  


Lou Mongello is an author, host, speaker and producer of an award-winning podcast, and recognized Walt Disney World expert. He has spent a lifetime traveling to, studying, and reporting on Walt Disney World. His first-hand expertise will GUARANTEE you can have the Disney vacation you envision for your family at a rate more affordable than you might have expected! The #1 question he has received over the past decade has been, "How do I save money at Walt Disney World?" Now, he answers it - with not 1, but 102 proven ways! Generously supported with links to relevant websites and enriched with insider anecdotes, trivia, and beautiful images, this guide is a MUST HAVE for any family planning toward a Disney vacation.  


Whether you have been to Walt Disney World dozens of times, or you are planning your first experience, you are guaranteed to create a more budget-friendly experience, whether you are traveling solo, with a friend, or with a family. 


Included in this user-friendly e-book are money-saving strategies for: 


- Saving for your Walt Disney World vacation

- Staying in Disney resort hotels 

- Purchasing Disney park tickets 

- Navigating Disney restaurants and the Disney Dining Plan 

- Acquiring Disney souvenirs 



In addition to his money-saving tips, Mongello includes information on 40 things you can get and do FOR FREE! Tours, souvenirs, food and experiences are profiled that will enrich your stay without hurting your budget. 


We are absolutely certain this Walt Disney World guide will help you to save money. In fact, we have a money-back guarantee - if you are unable to save money after reading this book, you will get the purchase price back! 


A perfect investment for those who dream of giving their family the experience of a Walt Disney World vacation, 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World is the authoritative guide to a budget-friendly vacation.

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February 12
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Louis Mongello

Customer Reviews

Disnut90 ,

Excellent Disney Resource !!!

While my friends & family consider me their local Disney Geek, I still learned a lot from reading Lou's latest book. Very informative and easy to read & digest.

IndyRupp2 ,

Great ideas & resource!

Fantastic ideas on how to save money along with great trivia. Extremely helpful for even very seasoned Disney travelers. Highly recommend!

joetexas ,

And I thought I knew a lot about Walt Disney World.....

I consider myself to be a WDW expert! After all I use to be one of people that answered the phones at that famous 407 number. Let me tell you folks Lou Mongello knows more about WDW then I ever will!! I use to be my friends go to person for Disney now I just tell all my friends to buy Lou's book is awesome and it's easy to read, you can take with you in the parks. My cell phone rings a lot less now it gives me more time to enjoy the parks and save money thanks to Lou!