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People are already calling this book The Anatomy of a Power Smoothie. It's a recipe book you'll read cover to cover whether you're making a smoothie or not, just to get all the nutrition information, awesome health tips, and useful food tricks.

108 Smoothie Recipes, with 155 scientific references on the true power ingredients in them. 25 years from now, thousands of smoothies later, you'll wish you had read this book… or you can choose to benefit from this information starting today.

You're taking the time to make healthy smoothies, you should know which ingredients have been scientifically proven to get results with:

-Optimal Brain Function
-Prevention of Dementia
-Weight Loss 
-Gut Health
-Heart Health
-Anti-Cancer Properties
-Immune System Support
-Better Sleep
-Digestive Support
-Removing Intestinal Parasites

Ingredient facts are 1-minute reads, so learning nutrition is as easy as making smoothies. 

Colorful photos on every page, to inspire and motivate you.

Allergen Friendly: 100% gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar & sweetener free, entirely plant-based, and all recipes can be made nut free. 

Every smoothie is extra simple and carefully designed with excellent food combining, something most smoothie and juicing recipe books are completely missing, which damages your gut… talk about need-to-know!

It's a smoothie recipe book and nutrition workshop at the same time, including both vegetable and fruit smoothies. If you read Karr's "Your Brain on Gluten", you know what you're getting and will say "She did it again".

Jaqui Karr is most famous for one thing: Results. Get her recipes, get her insight about food, get her insider tricks, and get her results. Start now…

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September 9
Black Wave Publishing
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