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Newly edited and updated 2019. PLEASE...don’t go on another date until you’ve read this book!

Dr. Kelley, Relationship Coach, has years of experience (her own, her friends and hundreds of clients) and has discovered the secrets of getting any man to fall in love with you and beg to see you again as soon as possible. If you want to “win” with men, you need to “know” them better. You need to be one step ahead of them. If you haven’t been successful in love, you aren’t doing it right. All of Dr. Lyn’s suggestions have been proven to work over and over again. She wants you to know them and use them to your advantage!

The popular reality show The Bachelor demonstrates the power of many of these strategies. You may have noticed it is not the most beautiful, successful, richest women who win. The woman who wins the man in the end is the one with the BEST STRATEGY. You need to be smarter and play smarter – clever like a fox! Use these strategies and you will be in a much better position to have the love relationship of your dreams.

Learn the 12 biggest mistakes women make with men and how to stop this self-sabotage. Please….don’t go on one more date until you read this book!

April 17
Lyn Kelley
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Customer Reviews

thicke18 ,

Definitely see where I went wrong

After reading this book I now understand why my relationships fail. This book gives really good insight and advice to use in relationships especially when you’re now getting to know somebody. I will definitely use all these tips in my next relationship and see what happens. Especially the part about not giving too much information about myself in the beginning. In the bruins must be the investigator and gather all the information I need. This book is a must read. Great reading will recommend to my friends.

Seriously, Dude ,

The 12 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in Love and Dating

This is the best, most concise book I've ever read on dating and love. Dr. Lyn tells it like it is -- no frills, no fluff -- just the facts. Now it all makes sense. Before I read this book I was doing it all wrong. Now I'm doing it her way and getting a lot more positive results. Plus I'm having a lot more fun!!!

Shataylor918 ,


I’ve read several of her books and she is always real and honest. I truly appreciate her words of encouragement. I feel less silly when she says it and understands my perspectives. Thank you

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