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Your life may be long ... or it may be short. It’s certain that you will not know which, until the final moment. If you think that’s gloomy, just remind yourself that the average adult in the UK spends 28 hours per week or 4 hours per day watching television. That adds up to 5 24-hour days per month and 60 days per year! All spent passively absorbing culture of dubious provenance, immobile for the most part – both physically and mentally.

It’s time for adults to reclaim that time, to get their lives back, to do something active and to set a trend that will carry through to their children and beyond. This book isn’t a solution but it offers some possibilities of where you might go in your exploration for activities to invigorate a life gone stale with telly-fodder.

If your life consists of wake, travel, work, travel, eat, watch TV, sleep, then it may be that you could do with a tonic. That dull routine is dull because the only time you are doing something for yourself is when you are sleeping or eating. For the rest, you are working or traveling to and from work. Or you are watching the TV - living someone else's life, someone else's dreams, someone else's idea of what is important.

Our culture now is driven by TV and many believe it is poorer for that. This book helps redress the balance and put a bit of "you time" into the mix. Time when you can be creative, have fun, fall in love (again), explore, get excited, help someone or simply be yourself. It's a book for adults and is not to be taken too seriously.

It will provide some fun and amusement, but it will also get your mind working - thinking of things that you could do, things that will get you off the couch and back into life again.

December 18
Nick Evans
Nick Evans

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