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The 13 Colonies come to life in this progressive multi-sensory book designed. Learn about the challenges and the triumphs of the brave, pioneering settlers who founded each of America's first colonies. 

Delve into the beginnings of each of the 13 colonies. This interactive book includes a complete chronology of events– from the aborted settlement in Roanoke to the founding of Georgia, as well as information and videos on each colony, and a section on daily life. 

Each Colony entry includes: 

• A summary on founding of each colony; 

• A more in-depth chronicle of the history of each colony, 

along with– 

• A 1-3 minute multimedia/video; 

• A map; and 

• A primary source document.

Our 13 Colonies TouchBook textbook Appendixes includes:

• brief essays on aspects of colonial daily life

• a multiple choice quiz

• several word search puzzles

• slider picture puzzles

January 30
Multieducator Inc
Multieducator Inc
Grades 3-9

Customer Reviews

JennyTF ,

13 Colonies: A History of Colonial America

When I found this e-text in iBooks, I was thrilled. Our 5th grade students will be 1:1 with iPads in the fall of 2013, and I discovered the perfect interactive book to support their social studies curriculum!
My joy was dashed, however, after downloading a sample chapter from the book to preview. At first I was only disappointed with the comma errors and weak paragraph flow. I then became disgusted by the lack of editing when John Rolfe's last name was spelled differently within the same paragraph. I finally became appalled when a bold title heading announced "Pocahontas Marries John Smith," when in fact, the text below explains that she wed John Rolfe. Inexcusable and unacceptable.
Authors Schulman and Erani should be ashamed of their poor editing. We expect our students to write clearly and accurately; certainly authors who are providing our students with factual information should do the same.
Schulman and Erani have four other books for sale on iBooks. I hope they have been edited more thoroughly than 13 Colonies.

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