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The only way to survive and thrive in an age in which fluidity dominates culture is to arm yourself with the right tools. In this quest, trendspotting is more important than ever. It’s essential for creating relevant content and shaping products, services and markets. 

In 13 for 2013, Havas PR North America CEO Marian Salzman analyzes her most important trends for the new year, from the Sound of the Year (“Co-,” as in copreneurship and other words that signal a shift from the individual to the links among people) to the future of global economies to a focus on native cultures. 

Why is knowing about trends important? Spotting trends is big business for people in many industries and walks of life who need to be thinking ahead, for themselves and their colleagues and clients. Trends help identify the driving forces behind today and the future and plan for long-term success, and they help discover unexpected opportunities that can transform brands and businesses. 

With her background in PR, marketing and sociology—and personal interest in cultural monitoring—Salzman develops her annual trends by digging deep to look for social patterns, then applying everything to where the future is headed, in cultural, political, technological, economic and business matters. The author of 15 books and one of the world’s top five trendspotters, according to The Independent and Nielsen, she has used that methodology to launch or popularize a wide range of trends, from singletons and metrosexuality to food fear and globesity. 

Salzman and her contributors and colleagues at Havas are constantly spotting changes and evolutions in the global marketplace. With a foreword by Havas Chief Innovation Officer John Winsor, 13 for 2013 reflects the company’s expertise and its focus on Future First. 

For another look at these forecasts and others, download Havas PR’s annual trends report at beginning on 12/12/12.

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December 11
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