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We are all prisoners of love in one way or the other. This love often places us in a prison in which we often willingly shut the door and turn the key ourselves. When one is a prisoner of love it is hard to tell which is worse: never knowing how long the joy will last or the uncertainly how heavy the pain when it is gone.

In the Prisoner of Love Marty Sheridan hosts the spirit of Maranta Shanaugh and bears Maranta's undying loyalty to the Thuringi people, often at odds with his own lifestyle. He is a prisoner of another soul within his body. Maranta's prison is a soul residing within an Earthian man, frustrated he cannot directly address problems or suggests solutions himself. Stella Briggs is a lovely Earthian with her own dreams and plans plus inner demons to conquer. When she learns of the secret life her sweetheart Marty leads, she must reevaluate their relationship and face some startling truths.

Increasing age puts some restrictions on Earthian Michael Sheldon from having more active involvement in the Thuringi cause, but this first Earthian confederate’s genuine love of the people gives him the drive to keep trying in whatever capacity he can. Keleigh Shanaugh is also a prisoner of her own body. After suffering a brain injury in battle, she is being nursed back to health by Hunda healers. She must overcome her injuries before rejoining her people including the love of her life, King Stuart. Darien Phillipi is literally a prisoner of love, forced to stay apart from his people, his family and the woman he loves in order to distract and convince the Stellar Council and the Shargassi that the Thuringi Armada was destroyed and he has gone mad. He has chosen this estrangement out of the love of others and it is a hard lesson of love.

Sometimes prisoners of love simply exchange autonomy for compromise and not everyone minds being a prisoner in these cases. It is up to each of us to determine whether our cells have bars or simply curtains for doors.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 18
Jay Michael Jones
Smashwords, Inc.

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