#14 Latanya The Fly Girl on the Court: The Hot Freshman 15 Series

The Hot Freshman 15

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Publisher Description

The Hot Freshman 15 Series is based on the experiences of fifteen high school freshman girls placed on list by a group of boys at Rose school. The second installment in the series features Latanya Kiddings B.K.A. #14 The Fly Girl on the Court. Latanya is an aggressive ball player. She wants more than anything to get a scholarship and to be scouted for a college team. After being placed on the list, she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend. Dating a popular jock brings its own set of problems. There is nothing like dealing with rumors, jealousy, and drama as Latanya soon finds out. Latanya loses her best friend, and she has to make some hard fast decisions about her loyalty to her goals or to herself.

Book excerpt:

I hadn’t talked to Sean in weeks. He would see me and stare for a long time. I never took a second glance at him. He would come over to me, kiss me on the check and say, “I miss you. I know you miss me. Talk to me Latanya, please.”

I wouldn’t even look at him. I just turned to leave. It was a good thing that Felicia had my back. We went everywhere together. This made lunch easier. I liked having someone to talk to at school and to walk down the hallway with each day. Sean didn’t like that I never spoke to him one bit. I could care less. The minute he betrayed me I vowed would be the last time. Best friends for life he used to tell me. Yeah right. My focus was school, basketball, and my new best friend. Those chicks could have Sean. My only problem was that freaking list. Now that I was back on the market things would never be the same at school. I had guys leaving me notes in my locker and staying late after basketball practice to try and talk to me. Sean would get pissed when he saw them and that was all he could do. Who am I kidding? That was the best part of all. I was no longer Latanya Kiddings. That list and my situation had changed all of that….I was now and forever to be known as Latanya: The Fly Girl on the Court and this is how the hot Freshman 15 list ruined my life.

Young Adult
March 14
Golden Butterfly Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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