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14 Steps to Happiness is a program that will help you recover from depression. You will learn how different activities can lift your mood - and how you can change your mindset - in order to feel joy again and experience mastery and meaning.

When depression is at its worst, it may seem impossible to get rid of. This book, and the author's story, will show you that it’s possible to recover completely. By following the 14 steps, you can aspire to happiness! The book also provides inspiration and information to friends and relatives of those suffering from depression.

About 14 Steps to Happiness:

“This book is written with care and so much love that I really trust the author has a genuine desire for me to get better. The advice and tips are so simple that it feels easy to get started on the journey to "Get Happy Again". I recommend this book from the bottom of my heart.”
Hanne Charlotte Gryting

“The book provides an insightful understanding of the nature of depression, and it contains a unique collection of practical tools.”
May Volden, Psychologist and Hege Saltnes, Psychiatrist

About Rise from Darkness:

“I cannot explain how much I appreciate this book. Kristian writes simply, with empathy, extremely well, and last but not least, in a way that is easy to understand. He explains accurately and yet easily, and the reader gets an insight into how the brain, mindset, reality filters, and many other of our mental aspects work.”
Elise Solvåg, elisecathrin.com

“A brilliant book – full of insights and inspiration. Kristian Hall shows the way.”
Pål Johan Karlsen, PhD in Psychology.

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April 14
Kristian Hall
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