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15-Minute Focus: Depression: Signs and Strategies for Counselors, Educators, and Parents, Dr. Melisa Marsh provides a comprehensive look at depression and its effects on children and teenagers. While depression is a common problem in our world today, it often goes unreported and untreated. And sadly, many youth believe they are alone in their pain. Children and teens may not know how to identify their troubling thoughts and emotions, so they need the adults in their lives to recognize their cries for help. This book will equip counselors, educators, and family members with a detailed understanding of depression and offer tools for intervention so no student or peer goes unnoticed in their struggle. In this book, you'll discover:

- Symptoms of depression

- Different types of depressive disorders

- How to identify depression versus sadness

- The connection between depression and other mental illnesses

- How school staff can support students with depression

- Successful management of depression

Each chapter includes a case study that illustrates an aspect of dealing with depression, along with questions to apply the book's principles in your own context. In addition, Dr. Marsh provides a comprehensive list of tools adults can use to support and improve the overall mental health of students, themselves, and peers.


Dr. Melisa Marsh currently serves as the Supervisor of School Counseling for the Cobb County school district in Marietta, GA., where she coordinates the development and supervision of school counseling, student advisement, crisis response, and Hospital Homebound programs. She has 17 years of experience in filling the roles of Georgia State High School Counselor, Supervisor of Counseling, and School Counseling and Advisement Consultant. Melisa received her Ph.D. in Counseling Education and Personnel Services and her Specialist Degree in School Counseling from the University of Georgia. She received her Advanced Masters in School Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Melisa lives in the Atlanta Metro area with her husband and puppy. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, yoga, cycling, running, hiking, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.


It's no secret that children and adolescents have been struggling in the last year like none other. This book is great for quick, easy-to-implement strategies to help students struggling with depression. It has also given me tools, as a parent, to help my 14-year-old daughter at home. It's important to be able to determine the difference between everyday sadness and depression that is more debilitating which can cause longer-term hopelessness (suicidal thoughts, etc.). This book provides tips and tools for navigating depression in our youth.

Kristen Tulisan, School Counselor, Instagram @kirstenskaboodle

The 15-Minute Focus: Depression begins by taking a much needed look at the difference in depression and sadness. There is a very helpful chapter on symptoms and key warning signs and another on the links between depression and other mental illnesses. School counselors will especially appreciate the chapters on the "Mind and Depression" and "Tools for Schools." These chapters provide counselors with positive thinking strategies and a descriptive list of research-based tools that can be used by school counselor to helps students dealing with depression.

Jeannie Maddox, Author of ExploringSchoolCounseling.blogspot.com

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