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Nobody warns you about the changes that you go through after you meet a Twin Flame. It does not matter if you resist the changes or not. You evolve every day. You feel yourself transforming within.

I was still married -- when we separated, I relapsed and tried to fix my marriage but there was nothing there. When I went through the spiritual awakening process, I preferred to be alone more than pursuing a meaningless relationship. I became celibate. To be honest, when you are triggered into a Twin Flame awakening process, relationships, sex, and love change meaning -- for me, it is either my Twin Flame or nothing. I managed to dissolve my marriage. I am happy. I feel safe within myself. It has been such a rollercoaster.

At a certain phase of your journey, you wonder if all the stress of the Twin Flame process is worth it. You feel scared to embrace the changes that come your way. Embracing the new changes that a Twin Flame encounter triggers in your life is one of the most challenging experiences psychologically, Spiritually, emotionally, and energetically.

When you meet your Twin Flame while you are in a relationship or married, your life takes an unexpected turn. It all starts with the new energetic vibration that your Twin Flame encounter triggers within you. Your energetic frequency rises — you feel a positive energetic buzz. This is because you are a single energetic unit with your Twin Flame. Your energy is instantly boosted when the merging commences.

For me, the struggle was battling with all sorts of Fears. I blocked him because I was afraid of embracing the changes that he triggered within me and my life situation. My life turned upside down first. So much chaos swept through everything— I was not ready to change myself. I thought that blocking him would make all the chaos stop. The more resistance I put up against feeling the connection, the more I dig deeper into my pain.

Secondly, I was afraid of what people in my community would think of me if I abruptly dissolved my estranged marriage. I was afraid of being judged by my peers.

I was also afraid of separating my family and friends if I divorced my husband. That means I was separating others.

Lastly, I was afraid of the uncertainty that followed suit after the changes. I was not sure if I divorced and freed myself, my Twin Flame would still be there waiting.

Fear. Fear. Fear.

I couldn't stay married when I found my Twin Flame. It has been three years of embracing the changes. Some of the challenges that I had to overcome transformed me forever. It has indeed been an interesting journey. I don't worry about a reunion anymore as well. I feel happy and content without him physically in my life. Also, the connection comforts me; I feel him with me all the time.

These simple tips helped me to overcome the obstacles in my way to free myself to pursue a reunion with my Twin Flame. I hope that they help you too.

Stay Blessed!

January 26
Fairy Publications
Nakajubi Kawalya

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