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Winner: Best Art Book, Non-Fiction, Global eBook Awards, August 2011

Winner: Best Book Cover, Non-Fiction, Global eBook Awards, August 2011

Discover new techniques and materials that you may have never thought about.

In her own artistic journey, author Marjorie Sarnat has discovered, improvised, learned, and gathered a wide array of hands-on tips, techniques, and inspirations for making art. Now she has collected them in this book, 151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets, and offers them for avid artists of any level. This body of knowledge is presented as quick and simple text passages organized into 12 sections.

You will learn:

• Intriguing Visual Illusions – Keep your audience wondering how they were done

• The New Mixed Media – Unusual ways to work with acrylics, metallics, egg tempera, mixed media, and even kitchen ingredients

• Art Materials Redefined – New ideas for incorporating rarely used natural and man-made materials in your artwork

• Penny-Pinching Productivity – Cost-saving ways to obtain and manage your art tools and materials

• Compelling Color and Composition – Understand their power and how to make deliberate choices to harness their emotional appeal

There are over 60 ideas for doing artwork with creative kids, as well. Every “secret” in this book is offered in practical terms with an eye toward boosting your creative output as an artist. This collection will help you create better artwork, apply new and unusual methods and materials, and will ignite your artistic expression.


“What a compact little book, chock full of handy and helpful hints. I lead an Experimental Artists Group that meets regularly and we are always looking to find and implement new products, techniques and short cuts for the way we approach our art.”

– Barbara E. Jones


Arts & Entertainment
July 6
Jr Imagination
Marjorie Sarnat & Associates
Grades 7-17

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