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Commendations for…16 Amazing Stories of Divine Intervention by James L. Lambert

These 16 Amazing Stories narrate the lives of people who came to the point in their lives when they needed to decide their future. Discover how they uncovered the answers to the deepest needs in their lives.

“Next to the work of the Holy Spirit Himself, nothing challenges us to commit our lives to Christ more than the stories and testimonies of other Christ followers. In this volume, James Lambert offers a collection of such moving stories in a diverse line up of pro-athletes, historical, former entertainment icons, and more. Read and enjoy; be encouraged and challenged.”

-Tim Wildmon, President – American Family Association

“Oden Fong’s …testimony of once being a disciple of the psychedelic drug guru Timothy Leary, to becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, is very inspiring for those who have all but given up hope for a friend or family member who seems to be in a hopeless condition.”

-Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor & Founder – Calvary Chapel (Costa Mesa)

“Brenda MacKillop's remarkable life story as a Miss USA Beauty contestant along with being a Playboy bunny who was also battling personal depression to finally finding peace in Christ should encourage many people who are encountering hard times in their life.”

-Pat Robertson, Host, The 700 Club - The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

“After more than 30 years of working with hundreds of pro athletes, Darren’s story which is one of many amazing stories in James’ new book, is quite inspirational.”

-Shawn Mitchell, Chaplain – San Diego Chargers Professional Football Org. /Pastor, New Venture Christian Fellowship 

James L. “Lee” Lambert writes commentary for www.RenewAmerica.com,

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December 28
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