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Stuck on writing a headline that will grab your reader’s attention? You can either capture or lose a reader in milliseconds with a certain headline. 

In “16 Formulas That Convince & 101 Headlines that Convert” you’ll be able to plug and play your own words into made-for-you formulas or swipe converting headlines word-for-word for your own niche. The best part? You can walk away with 117 (at least) of your very own headlines that are custom built for your business and brand. 

Start Writing Convincing Headlines Today… 
Writing an attention grabbing headline is something you might be doing almost every day. You know it can make or break a blog post, a webinar, a podcast episode or even your next offer. Most people throw together something think makes sense, but often times it’s confusing, vague or uninteresting. 

It’s not hard to write a great headline. Really, it’s a simple process that anyone can do - even if you don’t have a writer’s mind. 

These formulas aren’t rocket science. They are easy-to-follow “Mad Lib” style formulas that are ready for you to drop in some juicy words to make them complete. Plus, we’ve got 101 fully written headlines broken down by type and niche. 

A Headline for every niche... 
“16 Formulas That Convince & 101 Headlines that Convert” has examples that will fit your niche no matter what you do. We’ve got ideas for: 

1. Business 
2. Creative Entrepreneur 
3. DIY 
4. Crafter 
5. Beauty 
6. Style 
7. Health 
8. Fitness 
9. Wedding 
10. Food 
11. Mompreneur 
12. Family 
13. Photography 
14. And More 

It's not hard to write a convincing headline that converts. Just follow these formulas and load up your arsenal today. 

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May 25
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